Book : From Product Description to Cost

From Product Description to Cost: A Practical Approach

Volume 1: The Parametric Approach

From Product Description to Cost

Volume 1: “The Parametric Approach” cost estimating is introduced; the preparation of data before utilization is discussed; the basic concepts of ‘general’ cost estimating models are examined; the use of cost models is considered and finally, risk analysis is introduced.

Contents: Part 1: Cost Estimating: A definition.- Cost Measurement.- Overview of Cost Estimating.- ‘Elementary Cost Estimating’.- An Introduction To Parametrics for the Beginner.- Part 2: Data Collection.- Economic Conditions and Currencies.- The Cost Improvement Curves.- Plant Capacity and Workload.- Other Normalizations.- Part 3: Definition of a General Model.- Building a General Model.- New Concepts in General Modelization.- Modelization in Other Classes.- A Word about the Future.- Part 4: Using a Specific Model.- Using a General Model.- Introduction to Risk Analysis.- Auditing Parameters.

2006 XVIII, 299 p. 88 illus. Hardcover
Decision Engineering
ISBN 1-85233-973-X

Volume 2: Building a Specific Model

From Product Description to Cost

Volume 2: “Building a Specific Model” focuses on the building of ‘specific’ cost estimating models. Understanding the procedures is key in creating successful specific models; so all these procedures (classical and new) are described in this volume.

Contents: Part 1: Population and Sample.- Describing a Population.- Typical Distributions.- Part 2: Dealing with One Variable Only.- Data Analysis of Two Variables.- Simultaneous Data Analysis on J Quantitative Variables.- Working with Variables.- Part 3: Finding the Center of the Cost Distribution : Choosing a Metric.- Looking for the Dynamic Center: The Bi-linear Cases.- Using Several Quantitative Parameters: The Linear Cases.- Using Variables.- Non-linear Relationships.- Part 4: Studying the Additive Residuals.- The Other Residuals.- Part 5: From Sample to Population.- Building the Model.

2006 XXXVI, 362 p. 171 illus. Hardcover
Decision Engineering
ISBN 1-84628-042-7