is a cost estimating model for tunnel boring, immediate support and permanent lining.

It is recommended for any company wishing to calculate the costs for boring, linings, supporting and excavation (caverns, shafts or circular, rectangular, inversed U shape, horse-shoe shape galeries).

Underground works are very expensive. It is very important to be able to study, in a limited time, many alternatives and to be able to valorize them.

Whether you’re a investor or a conceptor you must very early be able to make a realistic cost estimate and to valorize alternatives and possible difficulties.

enables you

  • to estimate the cost of any kind of underground construction : tunnel, shaft or galery (whatever section shape or excavating method)
  • to distinguish boring costs and immediate or final support costs
  • to take into account the kind of ground and therefore estimate the cost of unpleasant discoveries that may happen during the construction
  • to record the cost of past realizations and to compare them very easily with actual projects

Major Functions

  1. records your project data
  2. can be calibrated with your own costs
  3. takes in account the kind of rock that you define
  4. calculates the boring, linings, supporting and excavation costs
  5. graphically analyses the evolution of costs