The tool enables you

1. to quickly input your data,

2. to normalize your cost data (several normalization algorithms are available because the normalization depends on the data)

3. to eliminate existing redundancies

4. to remove the products that don’t seem to be part of the product family

5. to identify – and correct – what appears to be input errors,

6. to analyze correlations between variables and to determine the high risk of wanting to keep  variables too correlated ,

7.  to scientifically determine the variables (both quantitative and ) that are truly causal,

8. to choose the calculation method for the choice of the formula’s parameters ,

9. to present the results (CER and its quality) on a graph or in a spreadsheet,

10. to analyze the differences between the formula and data, in order to attempt to validate the calculation method on one hand, and to improve the formula on the other hand