Find the key concepts of your domain of activity…

Engineers have a good knowledge of mathematical models in their domain. Thanks to them, they can compute right and propose new works with the maximum of security. They know the limits and the reliability of their forecasts.

This is the method that is proposed by 3F in the domain of cost : we will provide you with models that will be fitted to your activity. Thanks to them you will see, with accuracy, how the costs change when your customer asks for some change or when new constraints appear.

With 3F, you will go directly from a subjective approach to a quantitative and objective approach, jumping over the statistical approach and its limits.

This way of working is a must to be able to decide for some new projects : when level of innovation is high, the mere analogy cannot give reliable figures.

You will then have powerful tools to base your decisions on, even at the pre-project phase, knowing the costs and the risks.

These tools will be built on the fundamental concepts which drive your activity, whatever it is. Their efficiency will be a surprise to you.