3f formalizes with you the laws of your costs…

Your domain has its own specific laws. With us, you will know better how they drive your costs with reliability.

3f developed mathematical models which will help you forecast your cost with accuracy and efficiency.

This approach should not be a surprise to you. The history of sciences was built the same way.

Behind any major discovery , one can find a man or a woman who believed in one idea, because he/she was sure there were concepts to formalize.

So was Galileo for astronomy, Newton for gravitation, Maxwell for the electromagnetic waves, Pasteur for biology and vaccines, and so many others as Curie, Boltzman, Planck …

3f, a new way to forecast your cost :

Our models were realized in order to be adjusted to the significant variables which drive your costs.

Cost forecasting is recognized as a technique for less than a generation.

Before that, the economic participants had limited relationships between each other.

The major military and space programs were initiated in the prosperity which followed the second world war. Tools for cost forecasting then emerged due to the duration and the greater and greater costs of these programs. Their nature was mainly statistical and their prosperous environment could afford their level of uncertainty.

Our approach to your questions about cost forecasting is different at 3f.

The knowledge of your today and tomorrow job will allow us to discover together the more important concepts. Then we will be able to personalize our tools which will become your tools.