The engineer’s approach

The successful engineer extracts from his experience the basic concepts of his activity. This allows him to forecast with greater reliability.

He knows, through an effort of abstraction, how to discover the laws which drive his domain.

He knows how to establish the links between causes and results. He even knows how to learn from his mistakes.

3f : Engineers for your costs.

Being able in the domain of costs to get the same level of reliability that is currently obtained in the engineers’ sciences : this is our dedicated objective. We are able to do it using the same mathematical tools as engineers use.

Let’s illustrate the various for forecasting:

Suppose your job is to make weather predictions : the subjective approach is to combine the experience of your parents and grandparents with your own.

Another method, more objective, uses statistical data accumulated for at least 30 years.

A third approach is to model the dynamics of the atmosphere. Computers are then necessary tools. Our attitude is very close to this framework.