3f’s tools and are made for you…

Your job will be enriched by our external vision : we are always curious and interested in front of entrepreneurs and decision makers.

Let’s speak about your costs, your way to deal with them with all your objectives and your constraints : markets, techniques, finance, human relations, competition …

You will see concretely how 3F’s know-how can be applied to your activity and the profit you will get from them. We will enlighten with you the concepts which rule your costs in your environment.

You will then get new tools and ; their efficiency and accuracy will surprise you.

A new freedom in front of the experts :

As a decision maker, you know how sometimes you are puzzled by a new challenge (for example technical, marketing, or any other) which is going to change your costs and the future of your business, as a threat or an opportunity. There you will appreciate having solid forecasts to sustain your decisions.

In front of uncertainty, you will depend less on experts, your judgment will be more reliable.

3f’s approach will make you earn more :

  • You have to prepare the future of your business.
  • You received requests for proposals : are you going to make an offer or not ? With which priority ?
  • You must decide among competitive projects : is this project more profitable than another one ?
  • You send requests for proposals : how are you going to analyze, in a reliable and quantitative way, the offers ?
  • You have to commit public money as an elected person, administrator, director of technical services in the government :
  • What is going to be the cost of this work ? Of this industrial high tech concern ?
  • How much is going to cost this infrastructure, this equipment ?
  • What are the development costs of this information system ?
  • What are the costs of ownership, the cost of production ?
  • We will elaborate with you the solutions which best fit your needs. You will be better equipped to make the best decisions.