3f is a company specialized in the process of cost management and, more specifically, in it’s most important and sensitive part: reliability of cost forecasts.

Cost forecasting : The basis of any decision.
The right time : The pre-project.
Building the unknown in safety.
A new approach to cost forecasting.
Find the key concepts of your domain of activity.
The engineer’s approach.
3f formalizes with you the laws of your costs.
3f’s tools and methods are made for you.
Make your projects more successful with 3f .

Whatever your domain of activity (engineering and/or production of hardware, software development …), 3f will investigate with you your needs and propose solutions that will fit your environment.

Several large and small companies have already trusted our abilities in cost management and are satisfied with our continuous search for quality and efficiency..

3f certainly has some tools or services able to improve the performance of your company.